Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cat 6 Wattage

Today (12/30) - Total pedal time: 2.5 hours @ 263 watts. Fatty-fat-fat.
12/29 (Yesterday) - My failed attempt at intervals. 10 @ 430 watt FAIL.

12/23, 1.5 hours, 272 watts. Eeks.

Depending on where you live, you're experiencing something called Winter. In Hawaii, this means the weather plunges to 65-70 degrees F. On the east coast of America, this means you're stranded in a hotel room waiting to get on an aiprlane. In Belgium, it probably means you're getting ready to ride some cyclocross race but - in California - it means VERY COLD [my vegan thin blood can't stand it!] and RAIN. Two enemies of every cyclist I know along with: leg hair stubble and flat tires.

The way I see it, it's a great time to justify buying hundreds - if not BILLIONS - of dollars worth of cycling apparel from Rapha and Assos. Problem-o with this is two-fold:
1) I can't afford Rapha and Assos on my statistician salary. No lie.
2) Ms. Denise would murder me for even trying to justify the expense (!!). She wathces the show True Blood for christ sake! A story about blood-sucking vampires disguised as humans! Hmmm....

Having said all that, I've been getting on my bike with decent frequency although the training has been rather lack-luster. Part of the problem is it's difficult to psych myself up when it's raining and cold outside. Then again, my past experiences with dealing with poor weather have ended up poorly when I decide to stay indoors [food, beer = college = 192 lbs. Yea, let's not go there again shall we]. So I've been getting intouch with my inner masochist and putting Cat 6 wattage out there in anticipation of racing and overall tomfoolery regarding all things cycling or as I like to say: "Bi-cling" [bicycle + cycling]. Sigh...

But, like all things in life, there's a catch 22. When it's ass cold outside, if you go slow, you stay cold longer. If you ride fast you get coldER [wind chill + freezing hands + knee warmers!]. In short: you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. I say to you in the words of my Italian grandfather [holding arms out]: "Ba-ba-da-boo-pee? Bo-ba-dee-ba-pee!"
[youtube: family guy peter italian].

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas 2010 - Tellez Family Style

Mama Tellez modeling a new pair of xmas socks. Yep, they're NOT stockings!
Young Willis, hamming it up for the camera and the various papparazzi that were present!
From Left to Right: Katy, Willis and my brother Andy.
The familia, taken at Stanford Court Hotel. Xmas 2010.

I think the best way to start this post is to tell you a little bit about the xmas letters I would write to Santa when I was younger [not too long ago in fact!]. Without delay:
Dear Santa, 12/24/90

How are you? Well, enough chit-chat, let's get down to business. I want:
2 Ninja G.I. Joes
A spitfire airplane used in WW2
A football for my big brother.

P.S. I have been a very good boy this year.

Isn't that just precious! Scheming from a young age! Xmas for the Tellez family goes a little something like this: At 4:15pm we leave for church and attend Xmas service at the first unitarian church of San Francisco. We've been going to this church since you or I were both in diapers - not together, you dope! Then, from 4:45pm to 6pm we are gathered around singing Xmas carols, lighting candles for Silent Night and then leaving feeling happy, hoarse [vocals...I'm gnarly at karaoke. Come see me sometime] and hungry.

At which point, the family goes to Stanford Court where we are meeted by the same jolly ole' staff that has been waiting on us since 123 AD. No joke. This year I was happy to be back home with my family - something that if you've been following this blog, I didn't do last year as I was 'stranded' in Hawaii'. The drive back home is accopmanied by taking in the glitz and glamour of downtown SF during Xmas time. Lights ablaze and wreaths adorned from the Macy's storefront and I'm immediately taken back to my childhood. These are the traditions we know and love and hold very true to our hearts. Wherever you, my followers, my friends, supporters and family are...please accept my deepest wishes that you're warm, healthy and happily enjoying this time with loved ones.

And on that note...Happy Holidays everyone. Go ahead, you're allowed to eat an extra 'un-friend' vegan donut today. :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The big Deuce-Six!

Oakland Buddhist Church, D-Girls division basketball. We had just won our second in a row!

So I'm 26...which apparently means I've been living on this earth for more than a quarter of a century. that sounds like a while huh!? Remarkable to think that in 26 years my life would be where it is now. If you would have told me that I'd take up cycling, shave my legs and pay top dollar for bike shoes [more than my real work shoes], I'd have called you crazy 18 months ago. And now...psssht....I try and pull all the shinnanigans I can when it comes to blowing $$'s on bike stuff!

The day after I turned 26, I decided to go for a nice and quiet bike ride all to my lonesome. Roughly 3 hours in the saddle, 261 watt average [12 minutes included of 'lolly-gagging' and one flat tire]. Meh. I was happy though. And to cap it all off, I took to the field coaching my girls and we won! And then today...we won [again!]. That means the team is 3-0 with me as Coach~! Scary or remarkable? Your opinion of course...

Coaching has been a lot of fun for me as it involves my competitive side and my schooling side. It's fun to watch my girls compete but let me say...they damn near give me heart attacks each time we play. Oooh good gracious it is so gut-wrenching to watch! I can't help but get up, yell my a** off and stomp on the floor! Okay...not stomping on the floor just yet but it's pretty damn close! As a boy, I used to play for the same buddhist church and so giving back and coming full circle has been really important and nice for me. Without question, this has been a very rewarding and promising experience...and the season is just starting! aiyah!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

5+ hours until...

The pic speaks for itself...

....I'm 26 years old!!

I'm taking a half day off tomorrow to be with Ms. Denise and the boys for dinner. Goodness gracious, i can't believe I'll be a member of the more-than-quarter-century-old-club. Mama Tellez decided to take me out for dinner at Herbivore's which was really nice...nothing says 'Happy Birthday' like crispy vegan tacos, and 'Cesar Chikin Salad'. That and some vegan donuts certainly helps!

What's interesting about this birthday as compared to the others you ask? Good question Jeeves!
  • This is the first time since I left the farm [house] for Brown that I was able to celebrate my bday at home with my family. Almost all the other times I have been away from my family and loved ones.

  • This time last year, I was finalizing my new job prospects and thinking about the year to come. What a year it has been too....

  • I'll be spending that Saturday coaching girls basketball and riding my bike and being with family. I can't wait.

  • This Saturday, Mama Tellez will buy a new car.

  • I hear it's a Toyota Prius. Hot.

  • Tomorrow, I'm going to suffer doing intervals before going to work on the bike. Why? Because that's just what I do.

  • I'm haven't named the bike to be yet...[only Paul has commented you schmucks!].

  • Next year, I'm going to get into Track cycling. C'mon, skinsuit, TT helmet and near-black out experiences?!?!?! You gotta be kidding me!!!!

  • I don't have a track bike. Shit.

  • I'm 26 in less than 4 hours.


next time I blog...I'll be....TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In three days, I'll be 26...

2009 Alex - Killing it and scoring a podium spot in my first ever half - marathon. Throwing the shaka's, reppin the 808. Yea brah!
2006 - Whiskey in hand, Hermes tie and Ralph Lauren suit. Good lord I was one snobby, obnoxious ivy leaguer! Whew, thank goodness those days are all done with.

New Year's 2004. I am afraid to guess how much I weigh in this photo. Let's just say I have that shirt now and it's a size L in mens. My pants from that time were a size 36. I'm currently a 29.

Thanksgiving, 2003. Back from my first tour of duty from college. Bobby, I know you remember how plump I was then. I gained so much weight my first year, it was almost comical. I loved college so much, I had an Abercrombie necklace that had a beer opener on it! Yikes!

26 years old...

More than a quarter of a century of living life and enjoying wonderful times and humbling moments. I guess I'm supposed to sound sentimental about the whole thing...ya know, be exctied about turning a new age, another year of living, and all that other crap.

So, in anticipation of the 'big day', let me spend some time reflecting on what's transpired in the past few years, noting some significant moments along the way.

  • I've been a vegan for two years now. Two years without meat, without a single glass of milk, without ever being tempted or swayed. I believe in veganism, I believe its good for animals and for the environment. Cheers for more years to come.

  • 2.1111 months ago I was 192 lbs. No lie. Those that follow this blog know what I mean and what I looked like. My closest friends don't have to search far to remember what I was like during my meat-eating-beer-drinking-college days.

  • Boy what a change 2 years make.
  • One of the best decisiosn of my life was to join the Honolulu Club in Honolulu, HI. I made friends, got back in the best shape of my life and decided to change for the better. Joining that gym was step 1.

  • My first job after my masters degree was at First Hawaiian Bank in Hawaii. I was living and working in paradise.

  • It was also in Hawaii I discovered my athleticism rather by accident. And thank the lord for that.
  • It's been one year and small change that I've been a cyclist. I picked up the bike by accident...a Specialized S-works from the Bike Shop Hawaii. Since then, i've been shaving my legs ever since.

  • Since relocating back to the Bay Area, I currently work as a statistician.

  • My nephew, William, was born a little more than a year ago. Now the kid is eating garlic crutons.

  • My brother recently got a job. Hooray for him!

  • My nickname among the group of roadies I ride with is 'Hawaii'. That's because I wore bib shorts and a short sleeve jersey in January [in California].

  • I still love anime...after all these years....

  • Little by little, I am forgetting my Japanese that I spent so long learning and busting my ass in college. Oh well.

For my birthday, I've decided to buy myself a carbon fibre bike! :-) Can't wait. I'm taking names for what I should call her. So far, the candidates are:

Roxanna [AKA Roxie for short]
Shaniqua :-)....still keepin' it hood!

I'm taking ideas everyone so feel free to pitch in!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bay Area Chill

Young Willis, getting ready to devour a bowl of FRUIT! Yes! That's what your vegan uncle wnats to hear and see!
He is an attention grabber isn't he!

Did you know, that in 10 days, I'll be 26 years old!!!! GOOD LAAAWD!!!

What a cutie and making a mess no less! A wonderful [some might say] Tellez famly trait! The force is strong in this one...

Somehow, I wish this blog post was about the chill lifestyle that I'm currently enjoying in the Bay Area. Somehow, I want to express the small amount of joy I derive from eating chocolate soy pudding and downing it all with a nice Vegan protein shake with BCAA's. Somehow, I believe it really isn't butter.

This is really about the frigid cold that has totally engulfed the Bay Area. What do I mean by frigid cold? Well, let's not get our panties in a wad...afterall, I did spend my college years freezing my okoke off at Brown and the LSE. At least one of them had better food. I'll let you judge which one that is though! ;-) Here's a's not coffee milk and noodle bar at the Ratty either.

It is so damn cold that in the AM, I cant use my wind shiled wiper as there is frost that has accumulated from the night before. It is so damn cold, I dont even want to ride my bike for fear of frost bite! AND THAT'S WITH BOOTIES and a JACKET. Yikes! Instead, I've decided to take up for the moment the sport of competitive eating and enjoying some wonderful family time and R&R. I've especially enjoyed my nephew, young William. His delight for sticking all things edible [and non-edible] in his mouth is truly hilarious and amazingly cute. The honesty he gives when he eats something sour or bitter is priceless! And, as with all Tellez men, he makes a mess of himself when he eats! That's the dead give away that he's a Tellez kinda man.

This thanksgiving marks year number two that I have gone without Turkey or any form of meat by the way.

Also this November marks one year and 2 months since I have been cycling. My oh my, what a life changer! Cheers [with Vegan wine] to more success and years to come!

Thursday, November 11, 2010's definitely the off-season now in the Bay

So much so, I might have to put on the gloves when I go cycling. Wait. That's even IF I get a chance to go cycling. Right about now, it gets dark around 5:30pm which is no bueno and even more so if you're used to cycling.

As far as training goes...well, helllllooooooo indoor trainer until March! Ouch! Thankfully, I can get in some decent 53 x 11 riding in if ya know what I mean. That, and I can continue my total binge of all juicy fruits in season right now which are: peaches, pears and kiwis. I swear I devoured 6 kiwi AFTER an enormous green smoothie one night. In the words of Dave Chappelle: "cant stop...wont stop..."

Like the new background? I was getting tired of the green one..I think I did it because us weegans are green like that and it seemed appropriate. I like this one with the big mountain because I like climbing those bad mama-jamas on my bike so I figured why not.

Now that the silliness that is known as MLB is done for we can concentrate on the more pressing matters at hand: Jerry Brown whopping Meg 'Lying' Whitman for Gov. of California, the Oakland Raiders's sudden 3-game win-streak, NBA hoops and the serious business of holiday cheer in the form VEGAN EGG NOG. Oh how I like Xmas. :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

5+ Hours in the Saddle = Whole 'Lotta Chips 'n Salsa!

If you live in the Bay Area and you tried to cycle outside on Sunday you'd find it awfully rainy and miserable. So you're thinking 'well Alex, that sounds right up your alley right?!' Wrong. It was so bad my any-excuse-to-get-out-and-ride played it safe. Now that's pretty eipc no? Thankfully, there was Saturday and what better way to get back into the swing of things then killing myself with 5+ hours in the saddle. Ugh...the final 20 mins I was dying to push 250 watts...yes, it was THAT bad! hahah! But maaaan, that post-ride recovery drink never tasted so good...not to mention the vegan pizza I had that night at Fellinis. Go Me.

Going the last big climb, AKA PineHurst Road [steep steep sections] I was even passed by some triathletes! gasp! They had that 'yea-I-havent-been-in-the-saddle-for-+5-hours' look as they were still smiling and what not. Heh...we'll show em! Embarassing nonetheless, but it's the silly season and training within a prescribed power is okay right? Right? Or maybe I should strap the shoes back on and show em how it's done. :-)

In other wonderful news, the Oakland Raiders beat the KC Cheifs in OT yesterday. Our first 3 game win streak! Amazing right!? Did you know, the last time the Raiders won 3 in a row was in 2002~! I was 18 and a freshmen at Brown! Dios mio! And on that note, my green smoothie calls out to me. tonite's recipe for disaster: Spinach, bananas, blueberries, pears and some raw-nola. Maybe some chips 'n salsa too...ya never know with us silly weegans!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So much for the offseason!

Well, I had had it.
7 days of lolly-gagging, binge eating, dilly-dallying and tomfoolery all added up to one thing: giddiness

Giddiness to get on the bike and burn a truck-load of calories..
Giddiness to get back into my usual skinny self [essentially, shed the +12 lbs] I put on!
Giddiness to feel the burning sensation I get in my legs when lactic acid is free flowing..
...and just the overall sensation of being back on a bike after my 7 day break.

Of course, I'm starting off slow and easy...small ringing...for now! I want to get in some good rides over the next few weeks before the weather becomes REAL SHIT [right now it's just 'shit' in the Bay Area].

One other point worth mentioning: The RAIDERS have won 2 games straight! Over the last two games, they have outscored their opponents by over 30 points! Yikes!

In other...very less important news...I hear the SF Giants won the world series. Hooray. Looking at the 49ers this year, that's probably a good thing.

Gnite Canada!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting back to my [green] roots.

Took some time this past week to generally get fat and eat all the vegan deliciousness I could get my hands on. This would include [but is not limited to!]: Eddie's vegan cookies, LaraBars of every flavour, not so many bananas, Daiya vegan cheese on just about everything....and yeah...vegan pizza and vegan burgers. Put it to ya like this...if there was a vegan equivalent of 'letting oneself go', I LIVED IT. And it was equally as wonderful as it was gluttonous. :-)
Heck, it was so epic EVEN MY OMNIVORE FRIENDS were like "holy crap Alex!". Okay, they didn't say that. If anything they're 'excited' to see me eat large amounts of food - albeit, garden food in their opinion.

Nonetheless, I had to get all of that vegan binge eating outta me because this week is:
a) My last week of off-season slacking.
b) I start slowly transitioning to bike training starting next Monday. And oh won't that be a joyous occassion. I've been DYING to get on la biccicletta...

And so, this week's grocery list looked very different form most. If you knew me, you would anticipate that tough training is about to begin. Let's see what's cooking:
1) Bananas [lots of em. Surprised?]
2) peaches - or 'stone fruit'. they're in season and they're delicious.
3) Steel cut oats Oatmeal. Whatdya think the bananas are for?!
4) Box of 20 mangoes. Now those are in season too and every filipino out there is pumped up!
5) Apples - lots of these too.
6) 6-pack of Bass beer. Outstanding stuff!
7) Thai red rice. Much better than brown rice in my opinion.
8) Soy yogurt
9) vegan filipino adobo with eggplant, bell pepper and seitan. Yum.

And so that's the low-fat diet I'm on to prep for some hard hard training. Let's prey for a smooth landing. Good night Canada.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


What's that?! an SMS message? Or as the young people say: a "TEXT"?
Young William, sporting a handsome hat from Patagonia. Kid has good taste!
My mom relishing the role of playing grandma or as we say in tagalog: "lola".
It must be the offseason...there I am, all 151 lbs [!!!] of vegan lard. Get up fatty!

As a vegan, there's a certain kick I derive about telling people about my lifestyle and my love for animals and harsh dismay about eating them. There's this stern look of 'WTF!? you don't eat meat, where do you get your protein?! followed by a glance that if loosely translated in Slovakian probably comes out to: "oh, well that would explain why you're so thin and in shape." There are two problems with this:

1) I don't actually KNOW Slovakian...

2) and most importantly, I am NOT my racing weight [140-145ish..]. In fact, I'm no where close! I'm 151 lbs! Holy crap! Okay. Stop. Hold on. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

As it's my official offseason, I am taking 2 weeks off the bike and off of running. Yes, never thought I'd say it myself but I decided to have some rest. And honestly, I'm getting a bit antsy. It's been exactly 6 days and I am itching to get back on the bike and pound myself and my body into submission. When exercise becomes you, not exercising is like saying my name is NOT Alex Tellez.

BUT, I'm okay with that. Why? Because I am now coaching 6th grade girls basketball for my buddhist church. yes friends, this is the SAME buddhist church that I played basketball for and the SAME buddhist church my brother played basketball for. Simply put: this church has been a part of my life since an early age and that of my brother's. As such, I thought it fitting to give back to them and come full circle. And lemme tell ya..I'm LOVING the position of coach. These girls are fun, they laugh a lot [and horse around a lot!] but genuinely love the game. And that's refreshing in this day and age. And so while I have to tell them to silence the cell phones, clip their fingernails, put away the earings, and for gods sake shut that Justin Beiber kid up...the payoff comes in the joy of teaching youngsters about the game I so love. Stay tuned...our regular season begins in December!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Triathlon Hell Part 3

My mom titled this photo correctly: "Thank God it's all over with."
Bananas? Check. Gatorade? Check. Water? Check.
ThAAAR she is! the finish line and the most beautiful sight my sore eyes were seeing some 2 hours later.
Thank god...finally heading home. I am sooooooooooo napping in the car!
Oh. Dear. Lord. Almost. Done. I can see it now...vegan cupcakes as far as the eye can see!

The final episode in the chilling and epic trilogy known as Triathlon Hell.

---* Some 2 hours later running, swimming and biking

I cross the finish line tired, hungry and my left foot bleeding [running sockless = bad idea]. My first few thoughts after crossing the finish lines:

1) That wasn't so bad...
2) I could have gone much much faster at certain parts...
3) Where's the water?
4) Where's my family?
5) Where are the bananas?
6) Can we go for vegan burritos soon?

Thankfully, water, gatorade and bananas were bountiful at the finish line and I was more than happy to partake in the gluttony. Ms. Denise and the familia were present and I was happy to see a friendly face. I sat down shortly after I crossed the line and couldn't get up for the life of ass hurt and my shoulders were begging for rest. After taking some celebratory pics, we hopped in the car and went to Cafe Saturn where I ate and drank: 2 cane-sugar sweetened large sodas, 6 tacquitos [vegan], 1 vegan breakfast burrito, part of Denise's salad, part of my mom's salad and then part of my Dad's salad as I didn't want to forget anybody~! :-)

During the drive back, I passed out in the car, mouth open and drooling...almost as if I was cycling! After more calories and 8 hours of sleep I woke up and realized I wasn't that sore and that I could do that again. But the burning question is: do I want to do it again?

And therein lies the rub. I had to ask myself: Do I really love the sport? Do I have the potential to be great in it? What's my time frame? What's realistic? How fast can my swim pick up? Will I sacrifice in other sports to get better at the former? And really...the more and I more I asked myself and of myself the more I realized that which I already knew:

1) I hate swimming. I don't like it and I have no desire to do it.
2) I LOVE to cycle. I LIKE to race my bike [don't do it enough to develop a love yet...]
3) I LIKE to run and I KNOW I am good at it.

Having said that, I think I'm going to give up my tri ambitions - very happy I did one to know this! - and will take up running and cycling. At least this was my train of thought until I came to know the job duties of a DBA...
More on that later :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Triathlon Hell Part Deux

Oh yeah..that's the stuff right there! Armani wants me to be an underwear model for them. Okay I kid, I kid. Just a regular old model :-) Okay, I kid again.
T2 running. Just look at those arms! didn't see that before did ya! Well now it's all gone so ha! Oh wait...that's a bad thing huh?
Ms. Denise and I at the beach...moments before hell broke loose, we had some calamity and peace of mind to take it all in. Deep breath....
Dunno how many quarts of Gatorade I dumped on msyelf but the Gatorade marketing team would be happy

Marking...triathletes live for it, white clothes die by it. Not nearly as cool as it's meant out ot be but man look at those legs!

H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T!!!!

it's been a while hasn't it honey? Oh wait...gotta stop addressing the readers as such...:-)
Yes, it's been a while..yes, I left you hanging and yes, I survived. Whew. A cheesy apology won't suffice, so instead, I'll start by saying I've been "busy" reading up on a potential new career path as a DBA [look this one up], riding my bike, NOT swimming [my arms have now retracted to their usual stick-figure shape], running sometimes and enjoying the fruits of chocolate soy pudding. Mm mmmm...just think of a regular ole snack pack sans the cruelty and exploitation!

I was gone for so long, the war on terrorism even came to an end...heh...bad joke. I kid. No but seriously...I was gone so long, JERRY BROWN's lead hit double digits and furthermore, Thor Hushovd won the world championships, The OAKLAND RAIDERS spanked the Broncos [59-14 for all you Donkey fans] AND the SF Giants are going to the world series? In other strange and bizarre news, I need to talk about my traithlon experience.
And so without delay, let's cut to the chase.

THE SWIM - I was positioned in the group of death, age-group 20-29..full of newbies [me], pro's and wise cracking leperchans. yep..that bad. We were set to start at 8:30 but the fog came down on a chilly Santa Cruz morning. Then, at 8:45, we got the go-ahead and get in the water. Gun goes off...let's get this party started. For the next 29 mins, I'm in a washing machine full of men, punching, kicking, gouging and flailing their arms everywhich way in a desperate attempt to swim 1.2 miles around a pier and back to the beach. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I made it to the top of the second group and thought a) I'm not going to drown and b) I'm in pretty good position. Bam, out of the water, half the wetsuit around my waist and I'm off to my first transition.

T1 - FAIL. I forget where I racked my bike. Classic traitha-newbie mistake...I blow 2 minutes just looking for the damn thing. Quickly put on the specialized ass-beaters, helmet, spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

Bike - This was interesting. I had a number in mind...I was going to wind it up to 280 watts for the first couple of miles, then ratchet that beezy to 300 and chill out for the rest of the way. Somehow though, I ended up sitting around 280 most of the time and was very very conscious of pacing. Truth is, cycling is only one sport before running. Let's not forget I need to drop the bike and then run my vegan ass for 6 miles at a fast pace. Realzing that I could make up LOADS of time on the run, I settled into a 280 pace and basically lollygagged it in, taking in the sights of Davenport, CA. Interestingly, I saw the same rear ends for most of my ride. They would race past me on the flats [easily pushing over 320 watts] and then slow to a crawl on a hill...this is where I'd catch em...and then rinse wash and repeat. Nice guys, I think?

T2 - In a painstakingly slow 1 hr and 11 mins, I drop the bike for T2. Stupid slow, I know...but I was saving that for the transition and run. I dropped the bike, unzipped the tri-top, threw on the Nike LunaRacer shoe and set out to take names....

The Run - Not ONCE was I passed on the run. Instead, I passed some 30+ people, mostly men in their 20s and 30s who had that 'Im-no-tri-newbie-douchebag' look to them. I kept chugging along and kept passing people, always bowing my head and giving respect to oncoming runners. Around mile 4, things started to hurt...I was tired but most of all, I was hungry. I wanted something besides GU and electrolyte drink. It was hot too..90 degrees in Santa Cruz and of course, I'm wearing all black. Nice Alex, nice. But I do the run in a respectable time @ a 6:14 pace and finish 79th overall, 7th in class for my first Triathlon.

All in all, a gut-bursting experience...very exhilirating at first, my thoughts are that triathletes really really know how to pace themselves well. Because really, it's 3 sports in one event and you need to know your threshold and limit. I had no expectations I knew I couldn't place so I wen't for experience and all I have to say to any triathelte is: "CHAPEAU!"

Stay tuned for the ensuing carnage that happened at Cafe Saturn [vegan cafe] and my thoughts on triathlons in general....thanks for keeping the faith...I'm back. It's the offseason so expect regular posts from me as we head into hibernation.

Much love and respect,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Triathlon Hell Part 1

Okay those aren't the Zipps but they ARE a spare. Tri shoes, helmet and other such musings..
Madeline looking every so puuuurdy
When sex met carbon fiber and had a baby..PRO missle stem with SRM and Di2 [shudder]
Part 1 in a series of 3, describing my trials and tribulations as I wrestle my [skinny] [AND vegan] arms around the world of multi-sport.

For the past 2.3333333333333 months, I've been doing multi-sport training. Waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to haul my skinny ass in a pool and swim it out with the rest of the fish. Sometimes, these would be 100, 200 even 1000 m intervals in the pool; othertimes, it would involve zipping up the wetsuit and doing my best sea lion impression in the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay Area. And when I mean cold, I mean holy-shit-I'm-freezing-my-Hawaiian-ass-off cold. In fact, I'll go on record and say Meg Whitman isn't that cold!

And after swimming until my arms felt like they were going to fall off, I had to get on the bike and then run it out in the afternoon. Without question, these are the two strongest sports in my multi-sport 'aresenal' and the two I would rely on most come race day. So take all that, compound that for days and months [2.33333333333333333 to be exact!] and you've got the culmination of my efforts leading into the Santa Cruz Triathlon, Sept. 26, 2010, a day which will live in infamy!

To start with, I had the entire familia regalia out in force. My mom, your mom, my dad, my hermano Andy, his wife Katy, young William [who just turned one!] and Ms. Denise all tagged along for the sojourn to Santa Cruz. You probably want to know what I packed and all so I included that in the above photos. We had all kindsa drinks [just water really....], mixtures, zipp 303s, running shoes, glasses, BME kit, etc, etc. The trip started off with a flat tire...well, the tread literally tore off the tire! FAIL. So we went back, changed it out and then started again. Sigh....
And so we made our way to Santa Cruz and the drive was shy of breath-taking. Lots of produce stands...artichoke and avocados as far as the eye can see. What's a skinny vegan supposed to do except look and drool?

After picking up the registration packet at the expo, I surveyed the course and made the following observations:
1) Shit, the swim looks as daunting as the choppy water.
2) See 1).
3) The bike course is undulating but mostly flat...obviously, there are NO climbs and NO mountains. Darn and darn.
4) The run course has slight inclines followed by slight declines. Maybe 3% gradient at most but otherwise, flat run-in to the finish.

Good. Course recon check! Bananas? Check! Vegan burrito? You know it. Next stop...Sunday....Eagle Day....Race Day.

NOTE: [I made up Eagle Day but it's actually a real day used in the Battle of Britain movie...yea...didn't think I knew that did ya!]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watt-fest Tuesdays

Thusfar, Tuesdays for me have been triathlon-Tuesdays.
Not a full triathlon but a day where I will complete swimming, cycling and running...just not all at once.

Unfortunately for me though, the day got off to a rough start.
Woke up and realized I forgot my wallet [last time that happened I was in middle school]. FAIL
At the pool I realized I forgot my goggles AND swimming cap. Double FAIL.
Then, like an absolute dipshit, I try and swim in the water. Triple FAIL.

All those failures makes it seem like a Raider game huh? Except not this past Sunday..because the Raiders won a game!!!

Yes, yes, for all that don't know, I follow Raider football like I follow cycling: with enormous passion and an inclination to check all things Raiders and all things cycling [thank you, and].

After my terrible terrible attempt to swim intervals, I drowned my misery in some hearty oatmeal topped with agave syrup 2 whole bananas and some raw vegan chocolate 'raw-nola'. Gimmie two bowls of that and suddenly the war in Afghanistan looks remotely positive. With a full stomach, quality trance music playing on the iPhone, Tuesday workday passed by and I suddenly found myself mounting Madeline [that's my bike's name! sheesh!] getting ready to throw down the intervals. Mind you, I'm racing on Sunday so this was to simply open the legs up a bit - however, it turned into so much more. I realized my Zone 4 power threshold has gone up, Zone 3 tempo is in the 300s and all in all, I think I'm actually LOSING weight [bib shorts are a little loose...]. My last 3 x 3 minute intervals were awful. I felt I was dying a slow death which wasn't fun and after all that nonsense I went running for a nice 20 minute 'jog'. Whew.

Getting cooler and darker here in the Bay Area. Right about now....sure wish I was back on the islands of Hawaii. Oh wait! I will be!

More to come on that later.... :-)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Less than 10 days left!

Holy crap! I'm racing on Sunday! No way? Way!
Crazy right....and so begins triathlon tomfoolery sans the water bottles hanging out the okole!
but before I get into my expectations of the race [which are pretty low to say the least] it's time to finish this series with the 'likes'.

Things I like about triathlons
1) Arm muscles - I gotta say, I thought i'd never get biceps or triceps...ask Michael and he would tell you I still dont have em! But yes, dare I say, the peashooter arms are slowly - ever so slowly - becoming arms that resemble something of the humanistic form. That or somebody has been sipping me some animal protein in between my sleep. Hmmm....

2) Riding the TT rig - I love riding the road bike but riding the TT rig everywhere is so damn cool! Especially when it's a) Madeline and b) Di2 shifting [pressing buttons son!] and finally c) it's really not butter! It's buttery smooth to shift gears on the bike by pressing buttons...such a fun thing to do...thank goodness for Shimano, Sony and all the other Japanese electronic companies that give me reason to wake up and invest!

3) Balance - Now this one is crucial. For a long long loooooooooooooooooooooong ass time, I've asked myself the following question: Am I a cyclist in a runners body or a runner in a cyclists body? Well, since becoming a triathlete I can safely say I am a cyclist in a runners body. Let's face it, I gotta thing for when the road tilts up and I'm on my bike. Anything that involves lots of attacking at over 660 watts makes like the fire in my trousers. Then again, running 5 min miles aint too shabby either especially when you can repeat these efforts. That's how you know you're getting somewhere! But now, I get to do two things that give me extreme happiness: running and cycling. And thank the lord for that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Only 10 days left?!?!

So Ms. Denise and I were chit-chatting and she pointed out that I have only 10 days left before my first ever triathlon. Yes indeed, such is the case. As the 26th of September bears down upon us, I figured it would be best to take a moment to see what's happened. As of today, I've been straddling the line between bike-racer / triathlete for the past 2 months and have enjoyed every bit of it. However, as with everything, there are parts that I like and dislike.

1) Swimming - What can I say about this one...I'm skinny [but wasn't always like that!] and therefore, I SINK in the water. Truth is, I don't pack a lot of mass in my upper body and so my arms always feel like lead weights in the water. Let's make no illusions about it: I SUCK at swimming. Will it get better over time? You bet your ass it wil...

2) PAM Spray - Not vegan? Hold your horses Nancy. This isn't to eat. Triathletes must spray themselves with PAM on parts of their body to get the wetsuit to come off easier. Do I do this? Nope. Will I? Probably not. However, I witness it.

3) Waterbottles out the okole - C'mon..any roadie will tell you that having water bottles shooting out your arse is extremely frowned upon in cycling. Triathltes just say 'get over it'. I say: Once a roadie, always a roadie. NEVER EVER EVER will I stoop so low to have bottles out the ass.

4) Choppy water - This needs no explanation. Combine rough water with the fact that I sink in the ocean and you've basically got Titanic Part Deux except without so many people. I'm Jack [Leonardo DiCaprio] sans the douchebag haircut and cheesy I'm-a-figure-drawing-artist-pick-up-lines.

5) [and I guess this is a run off of 4] INGESTING salt water. It's hard not to when you're swimming. Doubly hard when you're swimming in open water and you're all full of lactic acid. I swear, I must take in so much salt water it's no wonder my salt values are always high despite my high sweat-rate on the run!

6) Sockless [running and] Cycling - C'mon. Really. I mean...seriously? Triathletes dont wear socks to increase transition speed among the disciplines. I agree with the concept however, I don't think I'm at the point where I can get used to it. I tried it out a couple of times and was left with bloody blisters from my shoe material scrapping against my bare skin. No bueno. Eventually, I'll have to bite the bullet on this...for now, I'll take my feet the way they are currently...ya know...not bleeding. :-)

tomorrow the LIKES! That'll be enough to tide you over hopefully.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aiyah! 1.5 hours @ 308 Watts?

Admit it! You wouldn't immediately think: Scottish dude on a bike who can cycle and surf. Neither did I. Until we went up Tantalus Road....
Whoa! Dare I say the boy is getting there. Silly Weegan!

Un momento!!

For some reason, my legs felt really good yesterday so I figured I should go out there and give them a steady workout with some threshold work. That turned out to be a VERY GOOD IDEA. Now, in a triathlon, 'threshold' is n doubt in the pain cave but not in the red-zone. It's a very bearable state of unbearableness. That is, you can endure the suffering - albeit, not for too long! In the middle of this ride I threw in some quality attacks; specifically 12 attacks, each one over 15 sec in duration, each one at or near 660 watts. That felt pretty good too so safe to say the form is coming around. However, I cannot help but feel so compelled to get on the bike and just go back to cycling. Truth is, I love cycling and ya know, I don't think I'm shabby at it. Then again, I ain't chump change at running either ;-)

In other recent news Ms. Denise and I have been having fun trapsing around town, eating indian food and running [she's the runner though...I'm a runner in a cyclist's body]. Her, like many others, are getting used to sight of me using my iphone to check religiously. Another common site to see is legs propped up and watching La Vuelta A Espana on the internet-O [while wolfing down on bananas]. One thing that is very noticeable with me nowadays - more so now that I am a triathlate newbie - is how much I am sleeping. Getting over 7 hours of sleep doesn't cut it anymore and it seems like something along the lines of 8 hours would suffice. However, I also have a day job....

Speaking of day job, let me give a heartfelt congrats to my good friend and guy who mentored me up in cycling, Mike Z. He is a national champion for track cycling. How cool is say I know one is pretty gnarly within say I got routinely humbled by one daily while on training rides is an entirely different story! It was also thanks to him that I got addicted to all things Above & Beyond [really good dance DJs] and Anjunabeats. So when you hear the headphones blaring with some Armin Van Buuren you know who to thank...

Well, that's all for this update. I threw down some so-so intervals on la biccicleta yesterday and now I have some V02 max shiete to do on the [running] track. Specifically, 8 x 400m sprints with each lap in the mid 60s. Ouch. I am also coaching girls basketball this fall for my buddshist church here so practice begins in October. Hmm...maybe I should read a book? Nah! Don't tell my dad though! Keep it real knuckleheads! goodnite Canada!

p.s. if you don't already have it, swing on over to iTunes and peep the new Armin Van Buuren CD mirage. I suggest the following songs: Coming Home and Not Giving Up on Love.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

V02 Max interval days on the bike..OUCH!

que pasa amigo!? Those are 4 x 4 minute intervals [probably could have done 5], all of which were done at X > 378 watts, topping out @ 392 watts for 4 minutes. All I gotsta say about that is good laaaaaaaaaaawd that boy likes pain!'s certainly been a hot minute since I've done V02 intervals on the biccicleta but last nights workout called for such a performance. Violent, painful and extreme agony are the words I use to describe last nights pain session. My legs were screaming and it's really humbling to hear your voice breathing so loudly. If my silly NatChamp Scot friend was here he would probably make some doofy comment about my 'running lungs' but I'll save that for another blog post.

This was a very good night for intervalling and while I had the power to eek out one more rep, I figured 4 was enough for now! I am learning not to sacrifice QUALITY over QUANTITY - not that I ever did. At least, that's what she did NOT say! Ahaha! bam! Haven't heard me say that one in a while huh!

On other recent news, I, like all the employees at VegNews, have discovered the beauty that is Diaya 'weegan' cheese! Most 'alternative' cheese you can buy at WholeFoods actually have some milk in it - again, it pays to be a label-reader-er-er-er-er-er! However, daiya is completely soy free, gluten free and cruelty free! And best of all, it melts and tastes like mozzerella [I probably butchered that spelling, ironic given that I'm part eye-talian]. Point is, daiya is now a staple topping for me in my vegan brown rice pasta [along with loads of raw vegan parma and roma tomatoes].

In less exciting news, I had a salad today at this build-your-own-salad bar known as Mix'd Greens. It's essentially a fancy shmancy salad bar catering mainly to overweight single bankers and brainwashed women that a) can't believe it's not butter and b) are slaves to oprah and ellen. This was the first time for me to try and it it will be close to the last. For $9 I got a salad of mixed butter and romaine lettuce along with: grilled portabello mushrooms, avocado, rosemary potatoes, marinated tofu and grilled zucchini. Dare I say it, I can make a better salad that's cheaper from Whole Foods! Nonetheless, if it gets the aforementioned bankers and the aforementioned oprah-watching-chai-tea-guzzling women away from eating at McDonald's I'm all for it...except the fact that there is a McDonald's across the street from the salad joint. FAIL.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weegan Power Output

To give you a comparison, Bradely Wiggins, a TT specialist can put out 367 watts for an hour long TT. I myself have only done 310 watts for an hour [this ride was 304 watts for the hour]. Ouch....thats demoralizing. Oddly, he and I are equally stick figures with respect to skinniness but he has a good 8-10 kg on me!

So one common misconception among cyclists - especially the ones I keep in contact with - is that vegans lack power because we lack 'animal protein'. Specifically the kind of protein you get when you ingest raw cow, baby goat, and filets of sushi-grade tuna. Now, having indulged in these foods before, I am quite aware of how tasty they are, despite their horrendous effects with respect to animal rights. But before I go off on another veganized rant of all things wrong with the food pyramid and then declair war on America's diet pyramid, let me stop myself now and get into the notion of power. In cycling, the true objective measure of power is wattage - everything is measured in watts. Fortunately for me - and all others owning an SRM - wattage is attainable to all cyclists who are willing to invest in the fancy whizbang gizmo known as an SRM power meter.

So last night, I take the TT biccicletta out for a quiet spin. This was not an all out f*ck-fest of pain and suffering but a very bearable one. I was to keep the heart rate below 170 bpm on the climbing intervals and every 2.5 minutes, attack [on the climb] @ X > 650 watts. Sounds like a lot of fun and really interesting training huh!? So I did just that and was surprised by the output myself. In truth, this is NO WHERE near the big boys of the pro tour. In fact, I'd get dropped from the gruppetto [the struggling group of big legged sprinters that get dropped on the climbs from the light weight skinny kine!]. Then again, the big boys dont get off their bikes and run 13.1 miles huh? ;-)

Nonetheless, I have put on my blog, a YHP running first! Some power output from last nights hour long ride. Nothing especially epic as most of the power was pretty meh with the intervals coming into play every now and again, but it clearly paints one picture: vegan boys got some power. And while the only source of 'animal protein' I get is the occassional bug that flies in my mouth when I'm running / cycling, I am still proud of the output after only 1 year and 2 months being on the bike! Now all I need to do is get the big big legs like Cancellara and then we'll be okay but until then, loads of brown rice and kim chee will have to suffice....
not that I'm complaining mind you! :-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pizza Sundays!

Looking good and tasty right! Feet up, live band playing hippy music...I'M DONE!

My gosh this weekend went by ever so quickly! And what can I say it was filled with? Well, I'll describe each day for ya so buckle in, blend a green smoothie and get your fat okole [ass] back here and read this post!
Waiting while you blend a smoothie...

So yeah, Friday was a rest day and that translates to one thing for vegan boy: FOOD. Yes, yes, I took the wonderful opportunity to 'binge eat' on all things quality and vegan. That includes all kinda [soy] yogurts topped with mounds of fruit and not to mention some mango tea from Hawaiian Tea Co. Because nothing says 'Aloha Friday' quite like lounging around in an Aloha shirt for the better part of a day, working away on the computer on some SQL code. :-)

Saturday was the day I would meet my maker! It started off well with a small [and I mean tiny] cup of decaf coffee [first time in weeks!] and a vegan scone from Peet's [gluten free too!]. Afterwards, it was off to the frigid [and I mean 55 degree water] waters of San Franicsco where a 30 minute swim in VERY CHOPPY water awaited me. Let's just say I wasn't worried about my sodium levels after that swim. I swear, I must have ingested so much salt water but it was good to be out there. Thank goodness for that wetsuit too! Good laaaaaaaaaaaaawd where would I be if I was just a skinny Hawaiian vegan boy trying to fight the Pacific Ocean! One thing was pretty cool though which was I saw a sea lion swim a few meters next to me!

After that, hopped on the bike for intervals..and these were hellish intervals. I had to do them on an indoor trainer because Evelyn's shifter broke and needed to be sent in. So I punished myself on the bike for a good 1.5 hours and by the end, I was sopping wet in sweat. I didn't even bother putting on a shirt..I was in a corner, shirt off, heart rate monitor on, shorts and shoes. I went through 2 aero bottles of water which had an ill effect on my stomach because....

...I had to run afterwards! That was a descending pace run of mile intervals. First 2 miles hurt like hell...stomach cramps and then my calves were all outta wack as the transition was lightening fast. But somehow, I got through and clocked my last mile @ 5:33 pace and then I was all through wtih that kablooey.

Sunday rolls around and my legs are feeling REALLY good. And I mean like, REALLY good. I go for ANOTEHR swim in the bay and do really well [once again I think I'm getting arm muscles!]. Then I head out for a recovery run...10 miles at a 6:37 pace. Easy peasy lemon squeezie. And what better way to end a Sunday and spend a Sunday afternoon then at Whole Foods binge eating. And for $9.94, that plate has 2 slices of gluten-free vegan pizza, 1 soymilk protein odwalla drink and then 1 vitamin water sweetened with stevia. Not shabby...throw in a triathlete magazine to boot and the only thing that can top that is the lates ProCycling magazine!

...and for those watching the Vuelta [pronounced Woo-elta en espanol] Igor Anton is a BEAST son! How do you turn the 53 on a 24% finishing climb! that's stupid watts!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nonsense with Mike Chua

Whose that's handsome devil!? And those ARMS?! More than peashooters! ya jerks!
Today was nice because:
a) I'm not eating lunch alone like my loser-ish personality :-) That or I'm vegan so people think 'oh he's tooooo healthy for me!'. At least, that's what the girls at Cosmpolitan said about me!! Ahh, clearly I had too much fun with yesterday's blog post!
b) Mike Chua and I met for lunch and walked, talked and consumed calories. Mike, and he'll make NO SHAME about saying so, is a carnivore. He eats animals...mama animals, baby animals, etc. You name it. If it breaths and has 2 eyes he'll eat it. Going further, if it has a PULSE he'll eat it! But somehow, someway, he puts up with me and doesn't mind me giving him shit [more often than not it's vice versa!]

Anyways, we had some epic moments. Let's revisit them:
1) Alex: When was the last time you had Korean Mike?
Mike: Hmmm....
Alex: You know, like some Kim Chee Ji Ghae and Soju?
Mike: Oh you mean Korean FOOD!?
hahhah epic!

2) Alex: Mike you've been rather quiet lately about the guns [looking down at arms RIPPING through shirt! haah I make no lie, I have typical cyclist arms which means I have no arms!]
Mike: What guns?
Alex: [flexing my tricpes] Oh these ones right here! bam!
Mike: Well, they are well concealed weapons!

And to cap it all off he took a photo of me in front of a rocket ship. In my typical cycling face: mouth open, tongue out, squinting!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going Bananas!

Ms. Denise, post-run Banana. gotta love it!
I admit, this is an old pic but still conveys the idea what I'm like post-workout. Just about ready to slaughter an entire banana plant. :-)
Dang, bananas are so good, EVEN MIKE Z likes em! Gives the phrase 'Be like Mike' an entirely new meaning!
My oh my how time flies by when you're having fun [flogging yourself daily on the bike, run and then swim portion of things].

My mom goes 'son, each time I get up and check your blog and hope to see a new post...only to be met with disappointment.'

Denise goes: 'in between work and running I check your blog and come up empty handed....'
USWeekly says: 'Alex, when he remembers to write, is a pretty funny kid. However, his issue is remembering that he even has a blog!'

Time Magazine wrote: 'I'll bet he thinks he's being cute right now.....'.
Alex's response: 'Oh I don't think I'm being cute!'

In fact, the anxiety was too much, soon-to-be-Tiger-Woods's-ex-wife Elin Nordegen said: 'I've been through hell [waiting for Alex to blog]'
Even Lady GaGa chimed in with a few words: 'dont call my name dont call my name...Alejandro!'

Goodness gracious! Some pretty epic responses no! Anywho, it goes without saying that I welcome my new blog follower [follower numero ocho!]. Welcome to the blog! I hope you find it helpful but as a warning, vegan tomfoolery is boundless not to mention how ridiculous my exaggerations are!

But anyways, I'm back blogging and as usual, back training. I've got 1 month to go before the big day. Before all that is right with the world clashes with all that is wrong with the world. This is more than vegan boy vs. triathlons, this is more than lakers vs. celtics, this is more than east vs. west...this is....the essence of class struggle.
Okay, that's an exaggeration too....about the whole lakers celtics thing. Pffft, no where close! :-) Anyways, seems like weeganism and banana-eating is having an effect on people! Just take a look at Ms. Denise and Mike wolfing down on bananaEs [not a typo!]. Who knows, you could be going ape too!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fellini's w/ Denise + Transitioning-ing-ing-ing

Did I end up eating the whole thing? Not entirely. Denise had 2 slices...AND THEN I ate the rest :-)
NOTE: while she has the capacity to eat all that in ONE SITTING, she exercised MODERATION. A quality buddhist trait!

But before all that good stuff~! I totally sold out and went to Sports Basement this weekend and cashed in on my riches that I won in my running races to go gear shopping! Yes! And what was on my new-toy list you say? A wetsuit, tri-top and tri-bottoms. Whoa nelly this was an interesting thing. I, for one, had never put on a 'tri-specific' wetsuit, I've been in some tight places [that's what I said!] but this wetsuit was an epic first for me. Damn thing took over 10 mins to put on correctly! It's ridiculously tight [thats what....imma get carried away] and form-fitting. In fact, the first time I put it on it was too 'loose' and we notched it up 2 more inches [save it, already on it!]. Felt like I was going to pop an artery out!

Let me also say thank goodness I shave my legs! Holy crap! If you're considering doing tri's and you do NOT already shave your legs...consider this fair warning. W-O-W! The tri top is a sleeveless jersey that shows off my pea-shooter arm muscles [if you even can call them that] and my funky cycling tan lines which I'm always proud to show off. What I FORGOT to get because a certain someone FAILED to remind me as usual were my compression socks - a new pair that is. Sigh...looks like we'll have to make ANOTHER trip! :-)

Anywho, after that nonsense I did some real brick training [this is when you are practicing transitions from one sport to the other, specifically, the bike to the run]. I've been doing alright in cycling and in running but for sure, my first EVER transition was miserable! I did some okay work on the biccicletta and then quickly transitioned to running. I knocked mile 1 out in 5 min 29 sec. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too fast for right now. And then I proceeded to die a slow and miserable death after that. Sigh...FAIL.

So to make up for it, I grabbed Denise and she and I headed to Fellini's where we indulged in delcious [vegan] EYE-talian food. You'll see there a daiya [soy-cheese] pizza with soyrizo, mushrooms and tomatoes accompanied by her pasta which she had to make an ENORMOUS SACRIFICE: she had to leave out the anchovies cuz my black ass won't have it. And so, like a good trooper she did just that and we had an enjoyable meal. And then, off to bed to wake up and bury myself all over again. Such is life. :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day in the life: Fish / Cyclist / Hare

A lot of you have been curious how life / the workouts have changed since transitioning to triathlons [get it?! transition?!'re all hopeless :-)]

So I figured I'd just give you a 'day in the life of ___________' yours truly. It's pretty ridiculous. Being a triathlete is like working a second full time job with respect to tme and energy. It seems that at every free moment, I'm either getting ready to workout, eat or sleep. Not much in between there huh? Well, here's the basic gist of it...

5:45 - 6:13am: Snoozing and practically throwing my iPhone against the wall in my failed attempt to sleep more. This part of my day really, really sucks.

7am: Arrive @ the gym. Time to get wet and wild.

7 - 7:45am: Swimming workout. This generally leaves my arms feeling like crap. Well, who am I kidding, I aint got no arms! :-p

8am: Arrive @ work.

8am - 12: Eating and working. If I'm running during lunch then I'll stop eating around 2 hours before the workout so everything digests nicely and I'm not left with my stomach turning circles.

12-1:15: Run workout. Normally this doens't kill me...yet.

1:25: Back at the office and eating my lunch at my desk.

5pm: Hit the road jack.

5:35: arrive at home, quickly change and then its time to hit the road [yet again]

5:40 - 7:30: cycling. Finally, my emotional release.

8pm: First meal down the hatch followed by a shower. Lately, the post ride fuel has consisted of yogurt, bananas and lotsa blueberries. Yum yum.

9pm: Dinner time!

After dinner, it's you know who time,

[note the comma!]

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Weegan/Buddhist Dilemma

Just look at all that cruelty! And to think, I was flipping that nonsense! Outrageous!
You cant see it well enough I think but atop of that ladder was a fan blowing cool air that hopefully originated from the Hawaiian islands and not the bathroom that was next to the grilling area.

So a couple of weekends ago, I participated in my buddhist temple's obon festival! Now, for those that dont know, Obon is a Japanese holiday celebrated in the summer to honor those who have passed. Typicall obon lasts 3 days in Japan and during that time people visit the gravesite, clean the tombstone and....and.....there's a celebration invovled with dancing, food, and good times to be had by all. In Hawaii there is an entire season seeing as how the vast majority of Japanese on the islands are buddhists anyways. However, the bay area does not have that concentration of Japanese the way Hawaii does [by way of size, the Bay Area is too vast to have concentrations].

Anyways, my church is the Buddhist Church of Oakland, AKA the OBC. During this time, I was volunteered to help do the most anti-vegan of vegan things known to man kind. FLIP STEAKS. Let's think about this. I'm vegan therefore I dont eat meat. I'm buddhist therefore I wouldnt eat any type of animal anyways. And yet, here I am flipping steaks. Hmmm...

In all honesty I have come to realize that not everybody is vegan or cares to be vegan. Fine, I get that. And desptie my feelings about flipping cruelty to serve others cruelty [so that they can ingest cruelty and BECOME cruel!] I willingly did this because this world is more than just weegans and non-weegans. But yes, the irony of the situation caused this post which I was relecutant to even post! But I figured, I've written far worse - and I'm not just talking about my obvious mistakes in the english language either!

Mama Tellez came out to visit me and the whole day was nice. I was flipping cruelty and sipping on water, conversing with other die-hard 'buddhists' about the joys of bbqing outside with friends and family. I was always offered food and rather than say 'No, I'm cruelty-free' I knew that would make them feel like jerks so instead I said I had eaten my share already before my shift.

And therein lies my first ever VEGAN FAIL!

But ya know, I had a good time meeting new people and I remember walking inside my home and telling my mother that for the first time in I cant remember how long, my clothes reeked of BBQ. At the end of the day, I realize that being vegan has its complications...we are ethically bound to not eat meat or exploit animals in anyway. I'm down with that. I also understand though that not everyone is vegan or cares to be vegan. I'm down with that too. That's their trip and their cup of tea. I think too often vegans are so quick to judge others because of our uber-cool knowledge of all things cruelty-free and the deliciousness of a well-ripened peach.

At the end of the day, we're all under the same damn roof, even if my roof is made cruelty-free. See, even vegans make sacrifices! ;-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

5k Run Test

One happy family. And we all know, happy families come from addition to our cheese...which I wouldn't know about anymore. But yeah.
3 Tellez Men.
young william, AKA Squinty McGuinty

Man, when was the last time I ran a 5k?
Well, let's think all the way back to my time on the islands and the Jamba Juice 5k run around beautiful - and I mean BEE YOU TI FUL - Magic Island, HI. At the time, I was very, very new to running and still not as 'fit' as I would have wanted to be. Long story short, I turned in a time of 17:21 sec for the 5k, averaging a 5:28 sec mile. That was only my second ever running race. Not shabby eh!

So this past Friday, I had to do a 5k running 'test'. Not a race, but just a test to gauge my level of fitness 4 weeks of base building and running. And the results you say? Well, I was a bit shocked myself...I ran a sub-16 min 5k. Now, normally that's nothing to write home to mom about but really, that's after 4 weeks of running. Can you imagine what this will be come January of next year?!?! Lots to be excited about there.
This weekend, we were also blessed to have celebrated 3 birthdays in my immediate family! My older brother, Andres, his wife Katy and my Dad! People very very close to me and my inner circle of people who I would no sooner vouch and trust my life with. In addition to that, I got my SRM back [fiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnally!] and was able to get on the TT biccicleta this weekend which was a lot of fun. It's always good to pound on the bike and I couldn't be happier! :-)