Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cat 6 Wattage

Today (12/30) - Total pedal time: 2.5 hours @ 263 watts. Fatty-fat-fat.
12/29 (Yesterday) - My failed attempt at intervals. 10 @ 430 watt FAIL.

12/23, 1.5 hours, 272 watts. Eeks.

Depending on where you live, you're experiencing something called Winter. In Hawaii, this means the weather plunges to 65-70 degrees F. On the east coast of America, this means you're stranded in a hotel room waiting to get on an aiprlane. In Belgium, it probably means you're getting ready to ride some cyclocross race but - in California - it means VERY COLD [my vegan thin blood can't stand it!] and RAIN. Two enemies of every cyclist I know along with: leg hair stubble and flat tires.

The way I see it, it's a great time to justify buying hundreds - if not BILLIONS - of dollars worth of cycling apparel from Rapha and Assos. Problem-o with this is two-fold:
1) I can't afford Rapha and Assos on my statistician salary. No lie.
2) Ms. Denise would murder me for even trying to justify the expense (!!). She wathces the show True Blood for christ sake! A story about blood-sucking vampires disguised as humans! Hmmm....

Having said all that, I've been getting on my bike with decent frequency although the training has been rather lack-luster. Part of the problem is it's difficult to psych myself up when it's raining and cold outside. Then again, my past experiences with dealing with poor weather have ended up poorly when I decide to stay indoors [food, beer = college = 192 lbs. Yea, let's not go there again shall we]. So I've been getting intouch with my inner masochist and putting Cat 6 wattage out there in anticipation of racing and overall tomfoolery regarding all things cycling or as I like to say: "Bi-cling" [bicycle + cycling]. Sigh...

But, like all things in life, there's a catch 22. When it's ass cold outside, if you go slow, you stay cold longer. If you ride fast you get coldER [wind chill + freezing hands + knee warmers!]. In short: you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. I say to you in the words of my Italian grandfather [holding arms out]: "Ba-ba-da-boo-pee? Bo-ba-dee-ba-pee!"
[youtube: family guy peter italian].

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas 2010 - Tellez Family Style

Mama Tellez modeling a new pair of xmas socks. Yep, they're NOT stockings!
Young Willis, hamming it up for the camera and the various papparazzi that were present!
From Left to Right: Katy, Willis and my brother Andy.
The familia, taken at Stanford Court Hotel. Xmas 2010.

I think the best way to start this post is to tell you a little bit about the xmas letters I would write to Santa when I was younger [not too long ago in fact!]. Without delay:
Dear Santa, 12/24/90

How are you? Well, enough chit-chat, let's get down to business. I want:
2 Ninja G.I. Joes
A spitfire airplane used in WW2
A football for my big brother.

P.S. I have been a very good boy this year.

Isn't that just precious! Scheming from a young age! Xmas for the Tellez family goes a little something like this: At 4:15pm we leave for church and attend Xmas service at the first unitarian church of San Francisco. We've been going to this church since you or I were both in diapers - not together, you dope! Then, from 4:45pm to 6pm we are gathered around singing Xmas carols, lighting candles for Silent Night and then leaving feeling happy, hoarse [vocals...I'm gnarly at karaoke. Come see me sometime] and hungry.

At which point, the family goes to Stanford Court where we are meeted by the same jolly ole' staff that has been waiting on us since 123 AD. No joke. This year I was happy to be back home with my family - something that if you've been following this blog, I didn't do last year as I was 'stranded' in Hawaii'. The drive back home is accopmanied by taking in the glitz and glamour of downtown SF during Xmas time. Lights ablaze and wreaths adorned from the Macy's storefront and I'm immediately taken back to my childhood. These are the traditions we know and love and hold very true to our hearts. Wherever you, my followers, my friends, supporters and family are...please accept my deepest wishes that you're warm, healthy and happily enjoying this time with loved ones.

And on that note...Happy Holidays everyone. Go ahead, you're allowed to eat an extra 'un-friend' vegan donut today. :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The big Deuce-Six!

Oakland Buddhist Church, D-Girls division basketball. We had just won our second in a row!

So I'm 26...which apparently means I've been living on this earth for more than a quarter of a century. that sounds like a while huh!? Remarkable to think that in 26 years my life would be where it is now. If you would have told me that I'd take up cycling, shave my legs and pay top dollar for bike shoes [more than my real work shoes], I'd have called you crazy 18 months ago. And now...psssht....I try and pull all the shinnanigans I can when it comes to blowing $$'s on bike stuff!

The day after I turned 26, I decided to go for a nice and quiet bike ride all to my lonesome. Roughly 3 hours in the saddle, 261 watt average [12 minutes included of 'lolly-gagging' and one flat tire]. Meh. I was happy though. And to cap it all off, I took to the field coaching my girls and we won! And then today...we won [again!]. That means the team is 3-0 with me as Coach~! Scary or remarkable? Your opinion of course...

Coaching has been a lot of fun for me as it involves my competitive side and my schooling side. It's fun to watch my girls compete but let me say...they damn near give me heart attacks each time we play. Oooh good gracious it is so gut-wrenching to watch! I can't help but get up, yell my a** off and stomp on the floor! Okay...not stomping on the floor just yet but it's pretty damn close! As a boy, I used to play for the same buddhist church and so giving back and coming full circle has been really important and nice for me. Without question, this has been a very rewarding and promising experience...and the season is just starting! aiyah!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

5+ hours until...

The pic speaks for itself...

....I'm 26 years old!!

I'm taking a half day off tomorrow to be with Ms. Denise and the boys for dinner. Goodness gracious, i can't believe I'll be a member of the more-than-quarter-century-old-club. Mama Tellez decided to take me out for dinner at Herbivore's which was really nice...nothing says 'Happy Birthday' like crispy vegan tacos, and 'Cesar Chikin Salad'. That and some vegan donuts certainly helps!

What's interesting about this birthday as compared to the others you ask? Good question Jeeves!
  • This is the first time since I left the farm [house] for Brown that I was able to celebrate my bday at home with my family. Almost all the other times I have been away from my family and loved ones.

  • This time last year, I was finalizing my new job prospects and thinking about the year to come. What a year it has been too....

  • I'll be spending that Saturday coaching girls basketball and riding my bike and being with family. I can't wait.

  • This Saturday, Mama Tellez will buy a new car.

  • I hear it's a Toyota Prius. Hot.

  • Tomorrow, I'm going to suffer doing intervals before going to work on the bike. Why? Because that's just what I do.

  • I'm haven't named the bike to be yet...[only Paul has commented you schmucks!].

  • Next year, I'm going to get into Track cycling. C'mon, skinsuit, TT helmet and near-black out experiences?!?!?! You gotta be kidding me!!!!

  • I don't have a track bike. Shit.

  • I'm 26 in less than 4 hours.


next time I blog...I'll be....TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In three days, I'll be 26...

2009 Alex - Killing it and scoring a podium spot in my first ever half - marathon. Throwing the shaka's, reppin the 808. Yea brah!
2006 - Whiskey in hand, Hermes tie and Ralph Lauren suit. Good lord I was one snobby, obnoxious ivy leaguer! Whew, thank goodness those days are all done with.

New Year's 2004. I am afraid to guess how much I weigh in this photo. Let's just say I have that shirt now and it's a size L in mens. My pants from that time were a size 36. I'm currently a 29.

Thanksgiving, 2003. Back from my first tour of duty from college. Bobby, I know you remember how plump I was then. I gained so much weight my first year, it was almost comical. I loved college so much, I had an Abercrombie necklace that had a beer opener on it! Yikes!

26 years old...

More than a quarter of a century of living life and enjoying wonderful times and humbling moments. I guess I'm supposed to sound sentimental about the whole thing...ya know, be exctied about turning a new age, another year of living, and all that other crap.

So, in anticipation of the 'big day', let me spend some time reflecting on what's transpired in the past few years, noting some significant moments along the way.

  • I've been a vegan for two years now. Two years without meat, without a single glass of milk, without ever being tempted or swayed. I believe in veganism, I believe its good for animals and for the environment. Cheers for more years to come.

  • 2.1111 months ago I was 192 lbs. No lie. Those that follow this blog know what I mean and what I looked like. My closest friends don't have to search far to remember what I was like during my meat-eating-beer-drinking-college days.

  • Boy what a change 2 years make.
  • One of the best decisiosn of my life was to join the Honolulu Club in Honolulu, HI. I made friends, got back in the best shape of my life and decided to change for the better. Joining that gym was step 1.

  • My first job after my masters degree was at First Hawaiian Bank in Hawaii. I was living and working in paradise.

  • It was also in Hawaii I discovered my athleticism rather by accident. And thank the lord for that.
  • It's been one year and small change that I've been a cyclist. I picked up the bike by accident...a Specialized S-works from the Bike Shop Hawaii. Since then, i've been shaving my legs ever since.

  • Since relocating back to the Bay Area, I currently work as a statistician.

  • My nephew, William, was born a little more than a year ago. Now the kid is eating garlic crutons.

  • My brother recently got a job. Hooray for him!

  • My nickname among the group of roadies I ride with is 'Hawaii'. That's because I wore bib shorts and a short sleeve jersey in January [in California].

  • I still love anime...after all these years....

  • Little by little, I am forgetting my Japanese that I spent so long learning and busting my ass in college. Oh well.

For my birthday, I've decided to buy myself a carbon fibre bike! :-) Can't wait. I'm taking names for what I should call her. So far, the candidates are:

Roxanna [AKA Roxie for short]
Shaniqua :-)....still keepin' it hood!

I'm taking ideas everyone so feel free to pitch in!!!!